Punjabi projected to become fourth most widely-spoken language in Canada

Monday, 28 September 2009   

Punjabi is set to become the fourth most widely-spoken language in Canada by 2011, after English, French and Chinese, Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Canada Minister Jason Kenney said on Friday.  

The 2006 census by the Canadian government revealed that Punjabi is currently the sixth most-widely spoken language in Canada, after English, French, Chinese, German and Italian. However, Punjabi is set to overtake German and Italian over the next four years.  

Kenney made the announcement on Friday, after opening the Spinning Wheel Film Festival at the Royal Ontario Museum. The festival screened films from around the world and showcased films made by Sikhs or about Sikhs. 

The Minister also praised the Sikh community in Canada, saying that despite initial struggles, Sikhs in Canada have contributed to and made a place for themselves in Canadian society.