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Australia’s Migration Program’s Report 2007-08

DIAC released its statistics/reports on last year’s migration program. The surprising statement in that report –
For 2008-09, the government announced that the Migration Program would be set at 190 300 places. This represents an increase of 20.0 per cent over the 2007-08 Program year.
The 2008-09 Migration Program will comprise:
• 133 500 places for Skill Stream
• 56 500 places for Family Stream
• 300 places for Special Eligibility Stream
Statistics on last year’s migration
The outcome for the 2007-08 Migration Program was 158 630, the largest since the late 1980s. It represented a 7.0 per cent increase on the 2006-07 outcome of 148 200. The planning level for 2008-09 is 190 300.
• Over one-third of the Migration Program in 2007-08 was made up of persons granted permanent residence after initial entry to Australia on a temporary basis.
• In 2007-08, there were 108 540 people granted Skill Stream places, an increase of 10.8 per cent on 2006-07. The Skill Stream made up 68.4 per cent of the total Migration Program.
• Within the Skill Stream, the main source countries in 2007-08 were the United Kingdom (UK), India, the Peoples Republic of China (PRC), South Africa and the Republic of Korea.
• There were 49 870 people granted Family Stream visas in 2007-08.
• Within the Family Stream, the main source countries in 2007-08 were the UK, the PRC, India, the Philippines and Vietnam.
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People Photography: China

Here are some of my People Photography in China.  If you like to share to share your travel experiences and photo, please mail them to

Why Americans dont join Al-Qaida?

Nearly 80 percent of its Afghanistan-based membership was killed in the U.S. invasion, according to journalist Lawrence Wright. Two-thirds of al-Qaida’s leadership was captured or killed. The terror group’s membership may now be down to as few as 200 or 300. Let’s assume, as many believe, that this alone has made it very difficult for al-Qaida to stage a follow-up attack on the United States. Couldn’t the job still be done by angry jihadis already living in the United States? Where are al-Qaida’s sleeper cells?

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There’s Hope!Obama Puts $3.6 Trillion Where His Mouth Is

By Daniel Politi for Slate
Posted Friday, Feb. 27, 2009, at 6:47 AM ET
President Obama presented his budget and left no doubt that he was being serious when he promised change. The $3.55 trillion spending plan included broad goals and few details, but outlined how Obama plans to finance more spending in health care, energy, and education while increasing the taxes on the top 5 percent of taxpayers, the oil and gas industry, and hedge fund managers, among others. In short: Bye, bye Reaganomics. The 134-page budget “is unprecedented in size, breathtaking in scope and sure to have a major impact on millions of Americans, declares USA Today. The Wall Street Journal notes that the spending plan “marks a significant change in nearly 30 years of governing philosophy.”

37-year old Bobby Jindal in the spotlight








Barack Obama will be under pressure when he addresses the nation on television tomorrow night, but not as much as Bobby Jindal, who will reply on behalf of the Republicans, with a performance that could determine his own presidential hopes.

Jindal, the 37-year-old governor of Louisiana and the Republican party’s new hope, needs to demonstrate confidence and competence – and show a little sparkle – to boost his hopes of being chosen to take on Obama in 2012. Continue reading

Meltdown effect: 20,000 Indians return losing jobs abroad

26 Feb 2009, 1348 hrs IST, PTI

NEW DELHI: About 20,000 Indians have returned home after losing their jobs overseas due to the global economic crisis, the government said on Thursday.

Though the exact number of people who have returned is not available, there are reports which indicate that between 16,000 to 20,000 Indians have come back here after the economic slowdown, overseas Indian affairs minister Vyalar Ravi told the Rajya Sabha during Question Hour.

To a supplementary, the minister said that the number of incidents of overseas employers keeping passport of Indian employees have come down by 50%. But he did not provide the period when this reduction has been witnessed.

He said the government is aware that some employers keep the employees’ visas with themselves and do not renew these in time, rendering them illegal immigrants. The government is holding talks with foreign countries on the issue.

The UAE has issued direction to employers not to keep the visa of their employees, he added.

The Minister also said there is a need to make changes in the Immigration Act, which was last amended in 1983.

On the issue of migrant workers, he said the government has taken a number of initiatives, including signing of bilateral agreements to protect their interests.

Asked how many Indians are in jails abroad, he said the government does not have the figure, but it is very vigilant and would collect the information.

World in Numbers: Top H1B Sponsors 2008

  1. Infosys Technologies Limited  4559 
  2. Wipro Limited  2678 
  3. Satyam Computer Services Limited  1917 
  4. Tata Consultancy Services Limited  1539 
  5. Microsoft Corp  1037 
  6. Accenture Llp  731 
  7. Cognizant Tech Solutions Us Corp  467 
  8. Cisco Systems Inc  422 
  9. Larsen & Toubro Infotech Limited  403 
  10. IBM India Private Limited  381 
  11. Intel Corp  351 
  12. Ernst & Young Llp  321 
  13. Patni Americas Inc  296 
  14. Terra Infotech Inc  281 
  15. Qualcomm Incorporated  255 
  16. Mphasis Corporation  251 
  17. Kpmg Llp  245 
  18. Prince Georges County Public Schs  239 
  19. Baltimore City Public Sch System  229 
  20. Deloitte Consulting Llp  218 
  21. Goldman Sachs & Co  211 
  22. Everest Business Solutions Inc  208 
  23. Verinon Technology Solutions Ltd  208 
  24. Google Inc  207
  25. East Baton Rouge Parish School Sys 205

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